Coding for Kids!


Kids are big into technology today, and starting them at a young age to learn how to code is a life skill that will be so beneficial to them as they grow up.

As a graduate from DeVry University, I hold a Computer Science Degree with a Major in Web Development. I have a passion for computers and what I do so I decided to start teaching children how to code. I found that starting them at a young age was the perfect time to expose them to the ever evolving world of code. Computer code is such a big art of all our lives and teaching them how to both see and understand it is a valuable life skill.

Teaching kids to Code!

Coding is pretty cool. No really it is! There are many things you can do with this knowledge


Every child is going to learn at a different pace and every parent has a budget. We are more then happy to work with you on creating a schedule that will suite all of your needs.

Coding for kids

$50 per hour

Fee’s for programs used

FREE for current students

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